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Brain And Bodyspotting

The depth of science now has a better understanding of fascia in the body and that smooth muscle in fact is a component that makes up fascia.  Fascia in itself is interwoven throughout our entire body and it is what holds us together. It is a fascinating wonder of the human body that we are now able to put science behind. We also know that the function of smooth muscle is to contract and does so involuntarily as opposed to skeletal muscle in which we control how and when we can contract and relax. We also know that smooth muscle doesn’t release quickly or as easily as skeletal muscle.  So when the thalamus in the brain perceives fear or a potential threat it will do its job sending signals to the rest of the Limbic System to kick in a to protect the body through release of hormones or engaging the nervous system to recruit and engage muscles in your body to pull you away from the threat. When the threat is over, our skeletal muscle lets go, but the smooth muscle holds tight. 

This brief overview of how our bodies can react to our world around us helps us understand that continual contraction of this tissue can cause pain. Why would it be in a continual state of muscle contraction?  Because it’s the job of our Limbic System in the brain to understand our surroundings and protect us. We can be triggered by things we may not even perceive as a threat but our body remembers.  For instance…even in a constant state of stress it’s the body’s natural reaction to pull away.  How does it do this?  Through contraction of muscle tissue.  Thus the reason you can “hold all your stress in your neck or back.”  Being in a state of chronic pain and “no answer” for your pain is also a stressor that your body continues to hold. So how do we even begin to let our body know we want this tissue to release?  Through the understanding that what is in the brain is in the body and what is in the body is in the brain. 

How Does It Work?

The job of our Limbic system is to control instinct and mood. It remembers every threat our body has undergone but it does not have any concept of time or language. So we can talk to it about pain but it can’t listen. It doesn’t have the ability to comprehend because it’s not designed to. UNTIL… we access it through our brain/bodyspot allowing communication to the subcortex (deep processing) of the brain. Discovered by clinical Psychologist Dr. David Grand back in 2003 we now know that by accessing our Limbic System it rebalances the brain’s information allowing it to be updated, therefore being able to now understand the past from the present.

So that knee injury you had 5 years ago that is completely healed but still bothering you… your brain is still holding the information that you shouldn’t move that knee because it will cause you pain. That was true at one time but now we need to update that information in the Limbic System so that it understands it doesn’t need that pain to protect you anymore.

Here is a relatable comment when the Limbic System is stuck between past pain and future fear.  “C’mon, you have to get over that, it happened so long ago!” You can try and convince that individual until you are blue in the face but that information won’t go anywhere if it is trapped in a system that doesn’t understand what was a long time ago due to having no relation to time and space.  All it knows is that long ago it caused pain therefore its job along with the thalamus is to protect you from letting that happen again, thus creating a future fear and holding that pain in the body. By accessing the Limbic System we are able to update that information, almost like the hard drive on your computer, and allow your body to let it go.

Who Is Right For Brainspotting And Bodyspotting?

Who is an ideal candidate for bodyspotting? Anyone who has pain. It could be from 6 months ago or 20 years ago. If you’re just plain tired of dealing with it, know that you don’t have to. If anyone has ever told you there is no hope, this is your life now and you’re not ready for or willing to accept that answer, you’re an ideal candidate. Of course the sooner this is addressed the quicker the response and fewer the layers we have to work through. Bodyspotting is neuromuscular rehabilitation therefore covered by all insurances.